Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sombrio Documentary

Isaiah and Fish
Today I finally did something that I've been meaning to do for a few months now. I sent away for my "Sombrio" documentary, made by Canadian film maker Paul Manly. What seems like a lifetime ago, I made three trips to Sombrio Beach in the summers of 94' and 95'. I met the residents and lived for short periods on the beach, so I greatly anticipate watching Mr. Manly's film. Sombrio was a popular surf spot on the west coast of Vancouver Island and home to many people including the Oke family who had been there for around 20 years (at the time that I visited). There is some debate as to whether the peacefull families that called Sombrio there home were treated fairly in their eviction to make way for the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, so I am eager to hear what the film has to say.
Above is a photo of my fishing buddy Isaiah Oke and Crowie (on the table) on Sombrio beach, Summer 1995.
More on the Oke family here.
I will be uploading more pictures to my Flickr page here, as I scan them in.


Anonymous said...

what's your name? I was there in 94-95 as well....lots of fishing with Isaiah.....great memories :)

Anonymous said...

hi Doug, It's Graham, freeloader/musician from back in those days, I remember you :) good times ....changed my life :)

Doug said...
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