Thursday, September 18, 2008

One of John Kricfalusi's early works

One of my favorite animators of all times is Jonhn Kricafalusi of Ren and Stimpy fame. I stumbled across this eighties movie intro for that terrible movie "Troop Beverly Hills" starring Shelley Long. I have vague memories of watching this movie on VHS (wikipedia link for those of you who might not remember this format) in 1989. I remember how I lost interest in the film shortly after the opening credits. It wasn't until recent that I learned that it was done by the great John K. Now when I see it, it's kinda obvious by the rendering of the dogs, busty ladies and his trademark animation style. Check out more of his great stuff on youtube here. The Björk video is great and, his take on Yogi Bear and The Jetsons is a little disturbing.


J.E.Daniels said...

John K is a great cartoonist/animator in his own right!
He also worked on a Beany & Cecil revival for DIC Animation early in his career:
And he teamed up with his buddy Ralph Bakshi of "Fritz the Cat" & "Cool World" fame to produce a music video for the Rolling Stones,:
and helped develop the revamp of Mighty Mouse in new(?) "creator-driven" cartoon adventures!:

James said...

I like John Krukfaloosiiieee. He make picture look like move.


I can;t compete with Mr. Daniels knowledge of cartoons so that is my contribution.

Good stuff guys thanks for all the links.

Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Some very cool stuff indeed! Thanks for the links... cheers!