Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crusty Bun Pictures

Here are some photos I took for the interior of the the Crusty Bun German bakery. This was one of my first real freelance jobs in photography.

pita sandwich



Crusty Buns

Pumpkin Seed and Whole Grain Buns

Pretzels and Pretzel Buns

Powdered Loaf

Pounding Dough

Cutting Pigs Ear Pastries

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pop and Drag Group

Dance With Dad
I've started my first group on flickr and have been combing people's collections for good examples of pop and drag photography to add to it. Pop and drag is when you use the flash (the pop) and move the camera during a long exposure (the drag). You can add some really cool energy and movement to a photo and even your screw ups can come out looking great. It is a fun way to experiment with your camera and I have really liked the effect it has on pictures of live performances, as in the photos below. Just make sure that the venue, and most importantly, the performers are cool with flash photography.

So if you are on flickr, and have some good examples of pop and drag photography, or are just interested in seeing what the other three people have posted in my brand new group. Check it out here.

Magnum K.I. CD release party at the West End


Monday, January 25, 2010

Clowns Are Awesome

I recently watched this Walmart ad on TV that made me laugh. This ad might explain why I receive mixed reactions from this painting that I did for my brother last year.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Magnum K.I.

Magnum K.I. CD release party at the West End
As mentioned in a previous post, I went to the CD release party of Magnum K.I.'s self titled album. To quote my buddy Al from The Place Where Al Dwells…,"These dudes slay live!"

I recommend checking these guys out the next time they play, but don't take my word for it, hear them at their myspace.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Go Vikings!


This past weekend I took in my first live, NFL game in Minnesota. A playoff game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys. And What a game it turned out to be. Part of the experience was the tailgating parties in parking lots surrounding the Metrodome. NFL fans are some of the best in the world and show it with creative costumes (pictured above), and elaborate tailgating set-ups. Then there was the game.

I've been to a few Bomber games, don't get me wrong…they're great, but they pale in comparison to having over 60,000 people going nuts for their defense on third down. After this game, having no real NFL team to speak of, I can safely say that I am a Minnesota fan.

good luck next week in New Orleans,

Friday, January 15, 2010

Municipal Branding At It's Worst

It is a shame that Milton Glaser has had to live long enough to see this latest bastardization of his famous I Love New York logo. I think that it is safe to say that Brandon Manitoba didn't blow the budget on this new identity (image from the Brandon Sun online) like Manitoba's Spirited Energy seen below.






I think what bugs me the most about Brandon's new identity is that you couldn't find a more hideous combination of typography, if they chose Papyrus with Comic Sans. It looks like Brandon's city council held a meeting to review professional identities when someone said, "my 8 year old niece could make a better logo", and they agreed unanimously to go with that plan.

I know that design is a matter of opinion, but in this case, my opinion happens to be right.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Magnum K.I. CD Release Party

Magnum K.I. Release Poster
This is a poster promoting this Friday's Magnum K.I. show at the West End Cultural Centre. This is a great venue to host the CD release of their new album featuring a lot of local, Hip Hop talent.

Magnum K.I can be heard on the new Hip Hop radio station STREETZ FM or this Friday for the low, low price of $10 that includes a copy of their CD. Show starts at 8:00 and is open to all ages, so come down and support local artists or you just might suck!

Death to Gumby

On a sad note the creator of one of the most famous green hunks of clay ever, passed away last Friday. Yup, Art Clokey who created Gumby and the Davey and Goliath animations and was a pioneer of claymation passed away last Friday. Here is a video of the original Gumby TV show intro.

An homage to the Davey and Goliath animations can be found on [adult swim] in the form of Moral Oral seen below.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Dig In
Last night we went to the Eat! Bistro located in the back of Aqua Books on Garry Street. The food was fantastic!

I had the Spanakopita.

with a half portioned bowl of the best split pea and ham soup ever.

Split Pea and Ham
Rae had the beef taco salad, it looked awesome.

Beef Taco Salad

I would highly recommend grabbing a bite at Eat!!! Bistro for anyone one as their menu caters to vegans, meat eaters and even considers those with celiac disease.

Even though I don't have much of a sweet tooth, next time I will have to indulge in one of their tantalizing deserts.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Timing is Everything

Awaiting the flame
Yesterday was a day of good timing… other than missing my bus in the morning. Well the evening was full of good timing anyway. After picking up Rae we decided to go to Ivory for supper and had far too much to eat. Our only worry was missing the IIHF World Junior, gold medal hockey game between Canada and the USA. We decided to take our time and enjoy the meal and figured that it wouldn't be that big a deal if we missed part of the first period. When we finished supper the Mâitre d' asked us if we would be going to the Forks to see the Olympic Torch pass through Winnipeg on it's way to Vancouver. We said that we would likely go but really wanted to hurry home so we'd miss as little of the game as possible. Main street looked like a parking lot when we left Ivory, because it was blocked by police cruisers to give the torch a clear path. As we turned down Broadway, the eastbound lane had no vehicles other than a few cruisers, cars with Olympic markings and a Coca~cola rig handing out flags and crap. We waited a few minutes and caught the passing of the flame from torch runner to torch runner right in front of the Hotel Fort Garry. Then the World Junior game popped back into our heads and we made our way back home. As soon as I turned on the TV and tuned into the right channel, the announcer said "And they are ready to drop the puck to start the first period!" or something to that effect.
It's too bad our Juniors couldn't take the gold last night but it was an exciting game to watch and the beginning of a great hockey rivalry.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Gift Illustration

Firefighter Final
This is an illustration that I did for my Dad this past Christmas. My Dad was a Fire Fighter for about thirty years up in Thompson Manitoba, so it seemed an appropriate subject. I did it in conté and chalk pastel on an orange paper. It was kinda rushed as I hadn't had an idea for it until the 25th and had to deliver it on the 27th. I am out of practice when it comes to illustration but was pleased with it overall.