Friday, December 5, 2008

Guardian Challenge 2008


I know a few people who have been waiting a couple of weeks for some of these photos to be posted. The problem being, that between German class, side projects and my full time job it has been difficult to find the time needed to go through the 3000 or so photos. I hope that those interested in these photos understand. Mostly because I have seen what these people can do at the event. Seriously though it was a great event and all competitors did an outstanding job..
See some of the other photos at my flickr page here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From The Man That Brought You Peace Train

Wow it's been two weeks since my last posting . That is the longest break since I started the blog therapy blog. I guess it's because I've been pretty busy as of late. Yesterday I wrote my German level 3 test and other projects are wrapping up so I should be posting more regularly. In the mean time, I found this interesting video of everyone's favorite Muslim, Cat Stevens . I can't believe that this is from the same guy who wrote "Peace Train".

Also, I've been reaquainting myself with one of my favorite late eighties, indy band, the pixies. If you're not familliar with them, check em out.