Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Eventfull March/April

Between socials, Moose games and concerts, I am in for a busy couple of months.

Last Saturday my younger bro had his wedding social and as far as I remember, I had a great time. One thing he wanted for his social was a 10' high x 20' wide guitar on one of the hall walls. It seemed like a pretty tall order considering neither of us knew where to get a sheet of paper or fabric that size let alone how to get the image on to it while keeping it at a reasonable cost (the latter being most important). Between the two of us we came up with a sketch and, IMO, a pretty good solution.


We didn't get the chance to measure the walls prior to designing it, hence the encroaching basketball net, and were a little concerned while drawing it out but half way through the second sharpie magnum, I don't think we were too concerned about anything.

Last night I was the Electric Six show at the Pyramid Caberet. This was their second time in Winnipeg, their first being a year ago today. I posted about it here. One thing I love about E6 is their style of merch. At the show last year I picked up this sweet shirt.

E6 detroit

And last night I grabbed this one.


Events coming up are a Manitoba Moose game, great local bands at the Albert on April 21st (featuring Antikathera, Of Human Bondage, Wolbachia, Putrescence and Big Trouble in Little China) and The Pixies at the Centennial Concert Hall.

Now I leave you with (as Dick Valentine said last night) Electric Six's "political" song.