Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Delicious Kimchi

I've finally done something blog-worthy this year. After a trip to the local Korean food store I visited my Mom in Morden where I made my first attempt at preparing one of my favourite side dishes, Kimchi. Following the recipe and tutorial from the wonderful Maangchi and with the help of my Mom and Rae Rae, I now have enough kimchi to last me months. I made only one third of this kimchi recipe producing enough kimchi to fill 4, 1 litre ice cream containers. Below are pictures of the kimchi making process.

Cutting up the cabbage

Chopping up the napa cabbage.

salting the cabbage

Preparing to salt the cabbage.

adding pepper flakes to the porridge

Mixing the kimchi paste.

adding sauce with green onion and carrots to the cabbage

Combining kimchi paste, chopped green onion, julienne carrots and cabbage after rinsing the cabbage well.

delicious kimchi

Finally after about 2 hours, I have delicious kimchi. The kimchi will get better after about a week in the fridge where the fermentation process does it's magic… providing it lasts that long.