Friday, September 5, 2008

More pictures from Sombrio

Nina the goat
One of my most memorable moments on Sombrio was the first morning I spent there. We had arrived the night before in total darkness and made our way through a hard to follow path, even in the daylight, to a makeshift tent made by my friend Mike in an earlier visit. The next morning I woke up earlier than my friends and walked down the rock beach where I found a large piece of driftwood. There I sat front of the Pacific Ocean, for the first time in my life, and enjoyed the sounds of the surf. Then I heard the sound of some kind of bell. I turned my head to find Nina, the goat pictured above. I thought that a little strange until about half a minute later , when a crow landed on the driftwood beside me and then hopped on to my lap. This was when I met Crowie, the crow that I am sharing a Drum cigarette with in the picture below.

Crowie smoking
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