Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Momentos from Chichen Itza


These are my favorite souvenirs from the amazing Chichen Itza in the Mayan Riviera. The statue might look huge in this picture but the chess board is actually quite small. I initially bought the statue for something to carry with me while taking pictures so that when people tried selling me things, I could avoid a prolonged interruption by saying "I already bought something." It didn't work but could you believe that it only cost a buck. Haggling is quite easy when you are genuinely not interested in buying something. What starts at $10, quickly becomes 2 for $5 and then $1.

Rae liked the look of the chess boards made from quartz and onyx and all kinds of stones, so I promised to teach her how to play if she bought one. I also bought a great Guyabera shirt, in orange of course, that has quickly become a favorite.

All in all Mexico was a much more successful bartering experience than Cuba. The key is knowing that if someone doesn't want to play the game at first, you can often find the same thing that you are haggling for in the same market. They are quite aware of this, so if you walk away, they usually make you an offer pretty quick.

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