Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Timing is Everything

Awaiting the flame
Yesterday was a day of good timing… other than missing my bus in the morning. Well the evening was full of good timing anyway. After picking up Rae we decided to go to Ivory for supper and had far too much to eat. Our only worry was missing the IIHF World Junior, gold medal hockey game between Canada and the USA. We decided to take our time and enjoy the meal and figured that it wouldn't be that big a deal if we missed part of the first period. When we finished supper the Mâitre d' asked us if we would be going to the Forks to see the Olympic Torch pass through Winnipeg on it's way to Vancouver. We said that we would likely go but really wanted to hurry home so we'd miss as little of the game as possible. Main street looked like a parking lot when we left Ivory, because it was blocked by police cruisers to give the torch a clear path. As we turned down Broadway, the eastbound lane had no vehicles other than a few cruisers, cars with Olympic markings and a Coca~cola rig handing out flags and crap. We waited a few minutes and caught the passing of the flame from torch runner to torch runner right in front of the Hotel Fort Garry. Then the World Junior game popped back into our heads and we made our way back home. As soon as I turned on the TV and tuned into the right channel, the announcer said "And they are ready to drop the puck to start the first period!" or something to that effect.
It's too bad our Juniors couldn't take the gold last night but it was an exciting game to watch and the beginning of a great hockey rivalry.

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