Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pop and Drag Group

Dance With Dad
I've started my first group on flickr and have been combing people's collections for good examples of pop and drag photography to add to it. Pop and drag is when you use the flash (the pop) and move the camera during a long exposure (the drag). You can add some really cool energy and movement to a photo and even your screw ups can come out looking great. It is a fun way to experiment with your camera and I have really liked the effect it has on pictures of live performances, as in the photos below. Just make sure that the venue, and most importantly, the performers are cool with flash photography.

So if you are on flickr, and have some good examples of pop and drag photography, or are just interested in seeing what the other three people have posted in my brand new group. Check it out here.

Magnum K.I. CD release party at the West End


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