Monday, April 6, 2009

The Crusty Bun

Meister Andy
This blog is more and more becoming a restaurant review and promotion blog, however biased it may be. In spite of my bias and friendship with Andy and Frieda (owners\operators of the Crusty Bun), The Crusty Bun is one place that I think anyone would agree is world class bakery and café. It's a brand new place at 1026 St. Mary's Road. I recommend that anyone who enjoys wholesome, hearty, fresh baked goods, drop in and visit The Crusty Bun. Try the sunflower seed bread, it is a favorite.

Pictures above is a picture of head baker and owner, delivering a fresh batch of buns.


Ashley said...

I have recently visited The Crusty Bun. I found the selection to be quite minimal for what I was expecting and a bit on the pricey side, but absolutely pay for what you get. The quailty was phenomenal. The freshest donuts I have ever tasted and the smell of the classic crusty bun alone, was heaven. It was very much worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
Your Cafe is Awesome :-)

Family Schmidt