Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More 2008 Guardian Dojo Challenge

2008 Guardian Dojo Challenge
I've just posted more of the 2008 Guardian Dojo Challenge pictures that I took last November. I haven't been at all diligent going through the gigabytes of pictures that I took on that day but, as many of you know, life get's busy. I've been a practitioner of the philosophy, especially when it comes to action shots like these, that quantity will yield quality. I am now trying to go in the opposite direction and really plan out my shots and trying to cut down on my insane number of archived pictures. It is getting hard to find that one picture in my head amongst the thousands of pictures in my archives. I know that I will still have to let the Rebel burst when I am capturing a crescent kick to another man's face, but at the same time I am working on really learning my camera so I can focus more on composition rather than scrambling to get the settings right.

Pictured above is the Guardian Dojo's Sensei, Diego Beltran, breaking a baseball bat WITH HIS F***ING SHIN! see more of the recent upload of the Guardian Challenge here. See pictures that I took last year at my good friend and Guardian Dojo student, Adrian Shum's photostream here or some of the pictures of the band Fubuki Daiko on his photostream here.

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