Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Damn Straight

Jack Straight CD Cover
Here is a CD layout design that I recently did for Jack Straight's debut EP release "Coming Alive", that I think turned out really well. The goal, inspired by the Jack Straight wordmark that was provided, was to emulate the look of an old 70's vinyl EP jacket that has become worn over time. Last week I attended Jack Straight's CD release party and took a bunch of pictures. The show rocked the Park Theater with songs from "Coming Alive" as well as some covers including Led Zeppelin's, Bring it on Home, which I thought was a high point. Not to say that their original songs weren't impressive. This is one band, that I did layout work for, that I can honestly say doesn't have a bad song on the album. I encourage you to check out their myspace here and hear for yourself.

You can see some of the choice pics here on my flicker account.


Doug (the other one) said...

Ok, here's a little oddity for you.

My name is Doug, I'm a 26 year old Graphic Designer and Photographer in Tennessee, and I randomly stumbled on this photo of yours while I was looking for images of the Fortuna font family as I try to replace it on a screwy job here at work.

It was on page 6 of Google image search.

I liked the photo, came to look at it, and was a little surprised to find out you're a Doug and a Graphic Designer.

Weird. Have a good week dude!

Doug (the other one) said...

Oh yeah, and I also have a Canon Rebel XT (yeah I know, it's old) and I take photos of waterfalls.