Monday, August 8, 2011

The Return of Bomberman

There has been another Bomberman siting at this last home game at Canad Inns Stadium. This year, the Mad Bomber, was sporting the retro helmet as he cheered on the blue and gold to a 28 - 16 victory over the previously undefeated Edmonton Eskimos. With both clubs at 5-1 on the year, I guess that makes us no.1 in the league having toppled the formerly perfect team.

Here's pics.
The return of Bomberman
Nick and Bomberman sporting retro jerseys at the game. Why do serious Hank? This must have been taken after one of Palardy's early kicks.

The Return of Bomberman
Hanks looking happier in this one, after Buck Pierce made a game changing, 48 yard rush into the endzone.

After witnessing one of the most exciting games I've attended, we went for a quick night cap. Nick and Hank ended up closing the Fox and Hound after pouring me into a cab. I did still manage to wake up in time for our hungover trip to Adrenaline Adventures the next day. No better cure for a hangover than dragging yourself around a man-made pond. I was so beat by the end of wake boarding that there was no way I was able to drag myself to the top of the zipline stand.

This Marks the fourth consecutive year that My buddy Dean has come into town for a CFL game and the second year that we started taking his paint job seriously. I'm always proud of the comments, photo requests and surprised looks people give him these last couple of years. How do we top it next year?

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