Friday, August 12, 2011

Drunk voicemail left on my girlfriends phone (NSFW)

Last week my girlfriend began receiving voicemail messages from a disgruntled drunk. After the first tirade was left, I decided to answer the phone the next time the dude called.

I said, "Dude, you got the wrong number." To which he explained, as eloquently as the message he left, "Yeah, my stupid girlfriends stupid number is like 2 digits reversed from yours."

Yeah, it's your girlfriend's phone numbers fault that you can't dial a phone number. So I asked him to be more careful the next time he dialled. Yesterday we received a barrage of three new voicemails directed at his stupid girlfriend.

Damn, I hope this is a wrong number.

All four voicemails can be heard in the following video. Be forewarned that there is quite a bit of strong language and should be considered NSFW.


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James said...

Pure Comedy.

Brought to you by:
Some random drunk Asshole.