Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Budget Cuts At The R.C.M.P. or Trading Squad Cars For Pintos

To kick of our visit to Vancouver we went to the Surrey House Pavilion where we saw Mark Donnelly, the "O'Canada" singing good luck charm of the Vancouver Canucks, kick off the opening day with our national Anthem. In true Mark Donnelly fashion he only earned half of his paycheck by getting the audience to sing.

Mark Donnelly
At the Surrey House, they were giving out tickets to see the R.C.M.P. Musical Ride which we took in a couple of day after we arrived.

I tried to get the, back of the old fifty dollar bill pose in this photo below. I hope that I'm not dating myself by remembering that bill.

Musical Ride
On our second last day in Vancouver we walked around Granville Island were I snapped a few pictures of a glass blower at work. I was something else to see glass being worked right in front of you and the caliber of work in this guys shop is incredible. I just wish that I remembered the name of the place he worked out of.

Glass Blowing in Granville Island
That's it for now.

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