Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red Bacteria Vacuum

Last night my brother and I went to see the, A Perfect Circle show at the Centennial Concert Hall and were treated to a one of the best performance that venue has ever seen. Their sound in that hall is a match made in some kind of sonic utopia. They played a little bit of everything, concentrating most on their latest release. I'm not as familiar with their catalogue as my bro is but to my surprise, I recognized almost every song.

A unexpected treat was the opening band. Red Bacteria Vacuum is a punk/speed metal, all girl trio from Tokyo. These girls really blew my mind even though they seemed bummed that they couldn't get the audience to sing along with the song Enso Wa Tanoshii, which no one could understand never mind pronounce.

Update - Using the powers of the internet, I have deduced that Enso Wa Tanoshii means… A perfect circle. Enso means circle, wa from what I could find would work as the article a and Tanoshii is beautiful which I guess could be interpreted as perfect. I would like to stress that this is my findings from cyber sleuthing and is in no way accurate unless I totally lucked out. Seemed like it would fit. If I remember, I will see if my Japanese speaking German friend can confirm it.

Anyway, for your enjoyment… Red Bacteria Vacuum!


Absolutego said...

Hey there, I was searching for "enso-wa tanoshii" on the net and you came up! Pretty cool, I was in town from Regina for the APC show and was also blown away by Red Bacteria Vacuum! I was super stoked to see them outside the venue afterwards, and they gladly obliged to a picture with me and my friends (that is now up on their flickr account!).

Anyway, as for the translation. Tanoshii translates as fun or nice, but not "perfect." Wa is a subject particle, simply there to point out that "enso" is the subject of the sentence. Unfortunately my vocabulary is really small, so I'm not sure what enso means. Google translate gave me "chlorine." "Fun chlorine" is a strange sing-a-long though... I'm thinking circle is more fitting.

Doug said...
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Doug said...

Hey Absolutego. That's awesome that you got to meet up with the band afterwards. I checked out their flickr, are you in the group photo holding up the RBV sign?

I guess chlorine fun doesn't seem to weird of a sing-a-long song for a band named Red Bacteria Vacuum.

Can't wait to see these guys again.

USLisa50 said...

I saw them last night in Detroit. That meaning would make sense. They rocked!!! They had a sign on the stage which labeled them Red Bacteria Valium? My daughter was with me and she read the same thing. They were cool and invited everyone to meet after the show to autograph. Enso Wa Tanoshii was awesome of course :)

Slash Lawyer said...

hahaha! "Enso wa Tanoshi" basically means "It's Fun to Play Music!" which the band tries to explain usually, as the song is proving to be a catchy tune on this tour. I first heard the song on a live ustream of one of their shows in Tokyo and asked a FB friend in Japan about this song I was hearing. He explained the translation. There is a good video from Boonstock on YouTube, Ikumi confirms the translation. You can check my site for this link and a version of the song performed in Tokyo. Also, the song is included on the "Limited!!" CD available on this tour...highly recommend it!....hope you enjoy checking them out! http://www.slashlawyer.com/?p=512

Anonymous said...

i just saw them in ATLANTA!!! AWESOME SHOW. i think they were holding up a sign during the song with the translation on the card....something about its fun to sing along with music.