Monday, June 20, 2011

Netty's Girls

About 15 years I did a season of tree planting in Northern Ontario. That is where I discovered my all-time favorite summer album, Music for Our Mother Ocean. It was a compilation disc released in 1997 by Surfdog Records that raised money for the Surfrider Foundation, an organization whose mission is to protect the worlds beaches. At the time, I was collecting pretty much any CD with a Pearl Jam track on it and M.O.M is by far the bestl. The song that stuck with me the most, however, was a Beastie Boys track called Netty's Girl. I found the following Mike D quote on the website where he describes the inspiration for the song.
"This song was another moment of inspiration from the tiny "studio G" at G-Son. It was recorded completely on a four-track cassette recorder and then mixed in our main control room. Mark Nishita had played this cheesy keyboard line, then we turned on the drum machine, and recorded that. Adam H. overdubbed some bass, and then I came with the pathetic falsetto vocals" - Michael Diamond, 1999
After returning from a semi-successful attempt at tree planting, I started putting this song on almost every mixed CD I made. It always brought some sideways looks when it interrupted the otherwise mainstream songs on the mix.

I've recently rediscovered this gem through the youtube in the form of this video.

There is also this great half hour film/music video on the home page of their official website. It stars a crapload of famous people. I love it when talented people do shit like this.

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