Monday, June 14, 2010

Oranje ist OK


FIFA World Cup
in South Africa is well underway and in honour of my Dutch heritage, I offer this wallpaper of the Netherlands national team KNVB. KNVB is an acronym for Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond ("Royal Dutch Football Association").
They haven't reached the finals in the World Cup since it was held in Argentina when I was four years old and hasn't won a title since the 1988 Euro, but they are currently ranked fourth in the FIFA world standings and should prove a formidable force this year due to their crisp passing and a great balance of youth (Their under 21 team won the worlds championship in 2007 and 2008) and experience.

I have been a fan of the Netherlands since my Mother's aunt Mimi visited us from Holland when I was eight. She brought my brothers some trinkets with windmills on them and for me, a tee shirt with a cartoon lion bumping a soccer ball on his foot with the slogan "Oranje ist OK!" underneath. I remember finding it quite funny how modest the slogan sounded in English. When it comes to our national hockey team, you will never see claims that team Canada is just "okay". It probably loses something in the translation.

I was able to find a partial photo of the tee shirt on the Dutch site, Markt Plaza. Markt Plaza looks like an ebay type site, so maybe I'll ty to buy it. It apparently has more text to it that has been cut off in this picture.

The Netherlands will next meet Japan in group E of the World Cup.

Go Oranje!

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