Friday, July 24, 2009

My First Video Uploaded to Flickr

Last week Rae and I went to my friends cabin at Winnipeg Beach for the third consecutive year. What began as coincidence, by the third visit, has become an annual tradition. We arrived on Thursday night and were welcomed by high winds. After a dinner with Jamie and his Mom at an Italian restaurant (can't remember the name of it but their Penne al Diavlo with Italian sausage was incredible), we took a walk down to the beach front to find that the beach was gone. It's quite dark, but the video shows just how ferocious Lake Winnipeg was that evening.

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Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Cool! You're gonna have to tell me all about it... over a drink or two. ;)

Don't forget to tell people that I've uploaded over a thousand of the photos you took at the 2008 Guardian Challenge to Flickr!