Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers day weekend

The reason I haven't been posting is that since returning from holidays I've been busy catching up on things. This past weekend being no exception. After doing some freelance photography I did manage to get out and take some photos that were blogworthy. The weekend began with attending the UCW (Ultimate Cage Wars). I won five seats at a table through 92.1 citi Fm. The main event on the card was canceled and it was mostly submissions but a good time was had by all… except maybe for the guys who lost their fight. Then after an early photo shoot the next morning, Rae and I went to the new Pixar movie, "Up", which is a definite must see for any Pixar fan.

Game winning hit.
After the movie, we took in a Goldeyes game with our friends Carol and Don. The Goldeyes managed a bottom of the eighth, come back from behind win (9-4) over the Joliet Jackhammers to end a multiple game loosing streak. Lets hope it's a sign of a good, long winning streak to come. I've only been to a few Goldeye games and even though I am not a huge baseball fan, for great seats at $12 a pop, I think that these games are the best value for your buck for any sport in Winnipeg. Pictured above is the game winning hit by Big Dee Brown of the fish.

I'll try to posts more regularly.

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