Thursday, August 28, 2008

Best of the Blogosphere

Northern Hotel
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I thought I'd take this chance to blog about my links in the Best of the Blogosphere in no particular order. Starting with Bryan Scott and his amazing talent for photography at "Winnipeg: Love & Hate".

Then there's Alan Lorde at "The place Where Al Dwells". Who offers entertaining insite on design, hiphop, pop culture and best of all... wrestling.

Next is James Gillespie, who tenacity for scketching makes "Kalamafraz" one of the most interesting blogs out there.

"The Adventures of J.E. Daniels" has some of the best animation and cartooning stories on the web. Also check out "Daniels Doodles" to see some of his original works.

As well I have "Muhsashum". Friend and fellow designer Adrian J.K. Shum provides a vast resourse of links pertaining to everything, graphic design.

Finally on the Best of the Blogosphere is Robert L. Peters blog. This blog is a platform of views and oppinions from one of Manitoba's most prominent members of the global design community.

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J.E.Daniels said...

Thanks for the plug Doug!
Good luck quitting and hope to see more in your sketch blog!

-James D